TAHLIA GRANT - Socials Collaborator

Tahlia Grant - PHR Social Media Collaborator



How did you end up working with PHR?  "Make up is one of my many passions and I have previously worked with a skincare and makeup company. After knowing Sarah, the founder and owner of PHR, for many years both socially and professionally, we came up with the plan for me to assist in the 2020 PHR photoshoot as a makeup artist. It was at this shoot that Sarah and I started talking about me joining the team to assist with the never-ending social media work that is involved with an online business."

What exactly do you do as a Social Media Collaborator?  "I spend time behind the scenes helping the PHR Team with Instagram. Sarah and I regularly have Friday night catch up working dinners or Saturday coffee dates – the best of both worlds for us busy inspired ladies. During these meetings we brainstorm ideas, posts and schedule how everything needs to fit in. While we spend a fair bit of time filling each other in on our latest adventures we have very productive sessions about creating fun and engaging content for all of you."

The best part about your role in the Team?  "I really enjoy helping to build a community and tight-knit group of people, engaging new people into that community and spreading the love."


All-time fav PHR item:  "Definitely the original denim breeches!"

Celeb social idol we should follow:  "@nikkireed. Cause she's awesome!"

Tahlia Grant riding Benny Sarah and Tahlia at the 2020 Photoshoot Tahlia Riding Piola

Tell us about your horses:  "I have two horses of my own - Bennie, a 17 year old stock horse gelding who is up for anything whether it be a bush ride, jumping day or dressage. While he isn’t a simple ride he is certainly a lot of fun and has taught me a great deal in the 7 years we have been together. I also have a young horse, Mallyon Hills Piola. Out of a Medallion mare by Wimborne Constable she is incredibly sweet and soft, as my first young horse and breaker Piola has the perfect easy-going nature. I intend to be competitive in Eventing and Dressage with her."

Random fact:  "I'm a terrible cook. I can burn anything!"

PHR in 5 years?  "In 5 years I see PHR being a nation wide must-have!"

"I am so grateful to be a part of this beautiful community. Find me on Insta:  @tahlia_grant98 "


Tahlia's PHR Team History:

Jan 2020 - Joined PHR as the Social Media Assistant

Aug 2020 - Team Member Spotlight - check it out HERE

Jan 2021 - PHR Social Media Collaborator


Tahlia riding Piola Sarah & Tahlia at a collab session Tahlia Grant - Social Media Assistant