Meet the PHR Team Riders


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We love our team!  We are proud to have a strong team of riders from all over our awesome country, across a variety of disciplines.

These awesome peeps are part of the PHR family, are talented dedicated riders, and love our stuff just as much as we do! They use our products both at competitions and for everyday riding. They ride in it, feed in it, haul water in it. They groom in it, eat in it, travel in it, get sweaty and dirty in it. To put it simply - they really test it out!

Click the photos below to read about our current Team Riders.

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Karen Mitchell - PHR Sponsored Rider  Sarah O'Connor - PHR Sponsored Rider



Shannon Bourke - PHR Team Rider   Lauren Jones - PHR Team Rider   Linda Collins - PHR Team Rider

Ella O'Neill - PHR Team Rider   Lily O'Connor - PHR Team Rider   Elsa Hudson - PHR Team Rider

Josie Drummond - PHR Team Rider   Rhianna Einsiedel - PHR Team Rider

Clair Arnold - PHR Team Rider   Emily Worgan - PHR Team Rider