PHR Team Rider Josie Drummond


JOSIE DRUMMOND  ~  NSW  ~  Eventing

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Horses:  Seven Million (Bob) and Dougal O'Reilly

JOSIE ON PHR: "I love that PHR is an Australian owned and made business. PHR clothing is flattering, high quality and not fast fashion so it is sustainable which I think is another amazing feature of the brand. PHR shirts are unlike any others out there and you can always tell someone is repping the PHR brand at horse shows as they really stand out."


Fun fact:  "I was crazy about the Saddle Club as a kid and would watch the TV shows on repeat, and that’s actually how I first got in to riding."

Personal mantra:  "Always try to run your own race."

Fav PHR item:  "My favourite products are the new silicone grip breeches in grey and the silicone half seat breeches in warm brown."


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Josie Drummond - PHR Representative PHR Team Rider Josie Drummond Josie Drummond - PHR Team Rider

Josie's PHR Team History:

July 2020 - Joined PHR as a Representative

January 2021 - 2nd year PHR Team Rider


PHR Team Rider Josie Drummond