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PHR Ambassador Sarah O'Connor


SARAH O'CONNOR  ~  NSW Sponsored Rider  ~  Showjumping & Eventing

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Sarah's horse:  Jasper - ASH x AQH, 16yrs, 15.2hh.

"I've been riding for 6 years now, but I have embraced my thrill and passion for horses my entire life. I've owned Jasper for almost 3 years and in that time we have become the best of friends! Jasper is a rich chestnut with four white socks so he definitely stands out wherever we go."


Fav part about working with PHR:  "Seeing and knowing how much goes into the brand, as well as contributing ideas to the team."

Fav PHR item:  "Definitely the custom shirts that PHR offers. I own 5 PHR shirts, 3 of them being custom designed by myself. I have never come across a brand that not only offers beautiful designs in lots of variations but also offers the choice of designing your own one-of-a-kind shirt. That's what The Polished Horse Rider is; riding YOUR style."


"I was first introduced to The Polished Horse Rider at the NCEC ODE 2018 by an ambassador, where I met the founder and owner herself! I completely fell in love with the stunning and unique designs and knew that I would HAVE to apply to become a Team Rider. This is my 3rd year as a PHR Team Rider and I am more excited than ever! I am privileged enough to become a Sponsored Rider for 2021 this year and am so keen to continue my journey with this amazing, supportive and beautiful business."

Follow Sarah's journey on Insta:  @jasperjumper_

PHR Ambassador Sarah O'Connor PHR Ambassador Sarah O'Connor PHR Ambassador Sarah O'Connor PHR Ambassador Sarah O'Connor

Sarah's PHR Team History:

Jan 2019 - Joined PHR as an Ambassador

Apr 2019 - Team Rider Spotlight 2019 - check it out HERE

Jan 2020 - Second year representing PHR as an Ambassador

Apr 2020 - Team Rider Spotlight 2020 - read it HERE

Jan 2021 - Third year representing PHR, first year as a Sponsored Rider

PHR Ambassador Sarah O'Connor